We offer state and national certification as Craps Dealer. The course of Craps begins with the terminology, rules of the game and check handling. Extensive hands-on training is then used to teach primary and advanced betting, take and pay procedure, totaling, converting payoffs, stick handling and dice multiple odds. Various table limits, security of the game, casino variations and job interview/audition procedures.

You will learn:

  • Craps equipment
  • Orientation
  • Cheque Cutting
  • Stick Calls
  • Pass Line, Don't Pass and Field
  • Making Change
  • Come Bets, Don't Come Bets and Off-and-On
  • Prop Bets, Odds
  • Place Bets, Buy Bets and Lay Bets
  • Patron interaction


In addition to acquiring the skills of a Craps dealer, we will also teach you how to look for jobs and how to interview properly. We offer free state and national job placement assistance upon completion.

This is a 160 hour course.

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