Let It Ride

We offer state and national certification as Let It Ride Dealer. The Let It Ride course begins with an explanation of the basic strategy and rules of the game as well as a lesson on the ranking of hands. The student is then given hands-on training in check cutting, sizing, shuffling, and cutting the deck.

Students are then instructed on how to deal the cards according to the rules and layout of the game. Students then learn the signals used by players to either keep or retract the bet placed for each turn of the hand. The next lesson explores the second turn of the hand after the student turns over one community card placed in front of them. This allows the student to once again revisit the signals used by the players to keep or retract their second bet. Lastly, the student learns about the final steps of the hand which involve turning the final community card and revisiting the last chance the player has to keep or retract their bet. They are then shown how to reveal each players hand and determine whether the hand is paid or collected based on the rules of the game and what are the payouts per hand shown. Game protection and customer service are other topics also covered in this course.

You will learn:

  • Rules and object of the game.
  • Community Cards
  • Sequence of cards distributed


  • Player signals
  • Payouts
  • Ranking of Hands


  • Game Protection
  • Customer Service


In addition to acquiring the skills of a Let It Ride dealer, we will also teach you how to look for jobs and how to interview properly. We offer free state and national job placement assistance upon completion. 

This is a 30 hour course.

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