Pai Gow

We offer state and national certification as Pai Gow Dealer. The Pai Gow Poker course begins with an explanation of all aspects of the game including but not limited to the ranking of hands, shuffling, dealing and payoff procedures and terminology. The student is given extensive hands-on training in making change, check cutting, sizing, shuffling, and cutting the deck.

Students are then instructed to deal the correct number of cards in the correct layout for each player’s hand. They will then learn how to show the first and last hands along with learning the terminology for the delivery of the hands.

The next lesson involves helping the student acquire the ability to determine the highest hand and completing the correct Payoff procedures, while finishing with the collection and commission for each hand. Lastly the student is instructed in completing the order of events per hand, various supervisor decisions as well as game protection and other various casino procedures.

You will learn:

  • Orientation
  • Shuffle/Strip
  • Deal Seven 7-Card Hands
  • Straighten Hands
  • Show First and Last Hands
  • Determine Banker (Player or House)
  • Case Layout
  • Distribute Hands
  • Compare Hands (Banker’s to Player’s)
  • Pay Bets / Take Commission


In addition to acquiring the skills of a Pai Gow dealer, we will also teach you how to look for jobs and how to interview properly. We offer free state and national job placement assistance upon completion. 

This is a 30 hour course.

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