The Truth About Online Bartending Programs:
The short version: They simply don’t work by themselves. And a lot of times they are scams. You might as well print your own certification on your home computer.
The ONLY way an online course can work is in conjunction with a bar school program. THERE IS SIMPLY NO WAY TO LEARN HOW TO BARTEND ONLINE. Bartending is a real-life skill, something you cannot pick up by watching a video. To become a competent bartender, you need to study with a real instructor who can make sure that you are performing the techniques correctly, on real equipment, not watching a video and practicing without supervision at your kitchen counter with plastic cups. Would you be able to learn how to drive a car online?
Online programs are great as a supplement to real, hands-on training with an instructor. This is why all students who sign up for our hands-on course also receive our $99 lifetime online course FREE of charge, upon graduation. Our students get the best of both, all-in-one.
Don’t waste your money! Come to our school and get real training, so you can get a real job.
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