As a recent graduate of ABC Bartending, I am proud to say that in just two short weeks after graduating, I earned a job at a large, high-volume bar as their only male bartender. I can only attribute this success to the quality training I received from Gregg and Don and the excellent restaurant recommendations from Mazal, the Job Placement Director. The program truly lives up to its name as one that delivers the skills, confidence, and knowledge needed to receive a job behind the bar in the food and beverage industry. Don’t hesitate a moment more if you want to work…go to ABC Bartending, they are certainly worth the money.

Michael Z.


I was very pleased with the program as a whole, but I was especially impressed with Mazal’s commitment to contacting employers and facilitating the employment process. Within days I had an interview set up with an establishment I had expressed interest in and was hired soon afterwards. Aside from the logistics of Mazal’s job placement initiative, I really appreciate the confidence and support that she gave me. Aside from being a wonderful resource, she truly wants to see students succeed.



Hi Mazal. I started at Bamboo last night, initiation by fire! I really think I’ll like it there and am so thankful for the placement, really. I appreciate your help so much. I’m not sure I told you, think I did, but I graduated from that ultrasound school, passed 2 nightmare board exams and the school never helped with placement. Whenever I asked they said “you can send us your resume, but we haven’t heard of any jobs”. So many of my friends and family have commented on how you’ve given me so many leads. They are really impressed!!!  Xoxo!!!



I have a great job, got it one week after graduating, thanks to Mazal and the school.

Mike S.


All American Bar and Casino Trainers is a great school, and the instructors are amazing!  There are flexible class schedules and we are encouraged to return to practice as much as we need before and after graduation. After I graduated, I made it a point to go back to the school a few times a week to keep my mixology skills sharp, and then, once I got a job, to practice the drink menu. My managers at work noticed I had mastered the menu very quickly and praised my progress, I was moved to the prime shifts as a reward in just my second week. All because I had the bartending school available for me to practice whenever I needed to.

The school has an unbelievable job placement program with a high success rate. Mazal, the job placement director, is persistent and well connected. I realized my new job wasn’t a good fit, so I went to talk with Mazal, and once I told her how I felt, she found me another, much better job within days. She is approachable and friendly, and excels in giving students one on one attention. With her help, my friends that graduated with me, and myself, have found employment just days after graduation.

This school truly gives its students every possible opportunity to succeed, and anyone hoping to become a bartender would definitely benefit from taking one of its mixology classes.

Alexandra S.


Started school, didn’t complete it. I came back six months later and finished classes. It was nice to know that I could start again, complete the course at no extra charge.

Mark C.


I am writing this testimonial first and foremost to express my gratitude to the ABC Bartending Schools in San Leandro, CA and in Detroit, MI. Secondly, I would like to thank Mazal Kozadayev (of the Detroit ABC Bartending School). I completed my training at the ABC Bartending School in San Leandro, California, and moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan a month later. I contacted the school in Detroit for assistance with job placement. I am very impressed with Mazal’s dedication to finding the right position for me; she made calls to secure interviews at the restaurants/bars that interested me. I was hired at a restaurant of my choice within the first week of my job search. I highly recommend both the San Leandro and Detroit ABC Bartending school locations.

Anna S.


I went to the school five years ago. I never graduated. I showed my receipt to the school and started classes all over again. They DO keep their promises.

Jordan S.


I want to give a huge thank you to ABC Bartending.  I enrolled in a one week course with ABC Bartending and it was well worth the investment. Their teachers made the classes engaging and gave me one on one attention to help me progress. After graduating from ABC Bartending, I was confident in my skills as a bartender and got a job the week after I graduated.  Again a big thank you to ABC Bartending and your whole staff! You guys have something special and I appreciate all the help you gave me!



Fun school, graduated, found a job almost immediately. Working now and it is great money!

David G.


I can’t believe how easy it was once you set your mind to it, Just like everyone else i was nervous and thought it would be too difficult, well it isn’t! Everyone at the All American Bar & Casino is very helpful when in came down to anything you needed to know; popular drink recipes, exact pours/counting, do’s and don’ts in the bar work field,. etc! And not even to mention the great Mazal kozadayev! AKA the job placement director! She also works very hard for you to even help find your first job after graduation!  Within my first week after receiving my my certificate I had a great job offer. I definitely recommend this class to anyone wanting a job/career in the bar industry or even just wanting to better themselves in the field. Taking this course has taught me a lot and was also very enjoyable to go to, in my opinion this course was honestly worth every cent and all of my time, This will also look very good to have this under your belt starting your new job.

Daniela S.


Came to school to learn how to make drinks for friends and parties, now I want to bartend part time!

Tracy B.


I am so happy that I chose to do the bartending course with All American Bar and Casino Trainers. I learned so much useful information about bartending as well as getting to know more about the hospitality business. I feel as if I forever have a bond with the instructors and I know I am always welcomed back for any kind of additional help or training. Lastly, I would like to applaud the school and specifically Mazal with the great job placement guarantee. I was so happy to find that they truly take the time to call places and have a professional note. They really set their students up for sucess. With the help of the placement department I was able to get hired for a job on the spot when I went in for my interview, I appreciate all of the help and I would recommend this school to anyone who wants a fun and professional kick into the hospitality business!



Wow, this school is really great. Mazal worked with me and my weird schedule and I got a part time job bartending.

Marcus J.


AABC Bartending School is awesome. I learned many many drinks in a short amount of time and the instructors teach you to remember the drinks in a way that you’ll never forget! Job placement rocks there. I got my first job on the day that I did job placement! It was unbelievable! Great staff!



Mazal really stuck with me and helped me get the job I wanted. The school was fun, and the Instructors were helpful.

Lauren W.


I absolutely loved ABC Bartending School.  I was an hour away from the school, but it was worth the drive.  It felt like a “real bar” atmosphere. I knew pretty much nothing about the “art of mixing” drinks properly until I attended this school. I had so much fun and learned so much at the same time. Gregg, the head bartending instructor, was great! He was very knowledgeable. He taught us how to pour, mix and serve drinks properly and like a pro.  He has been a bartender for many years and imparted his knowledge onto us. I feel confident in my ability to bartend now and feel confident in applying for a bartending position anywhere. If  ‘you’ are  thinking about going to a bartending school, I would highly recommend this one. You will not be disappointed.

Tammy P.


I am in my fifties, and I thought it would be difficult to get a job at my age, but I got a job at the country club. So now I am making good money and golfing for free in the mornings! Not bad for an old guy!

Mike M.


I had a great experience at ABC Bartending School. The instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful as well as a somewhat cheesey, but in a good way, comedian. He made the process far more enjoyable than I would have expected and was full of handy tips and ideas to remember recipes and become an entertaining bartender. The administration was equally as friendly and helpful. They were always on hand and were just as excited as I was at getting a job. After starting job-placement it took no more than a week to be interviewing and shortly after I was hired. I’m glad for their assistance, they made an apparently daunting job hunt so much easier.

Nicholas H.


My parents were skeptical that I could bartend at eighteen, but I got a job at a restaurant bartending, and I am making more money than my friends – LOL!

Adrianna W.


I got the job at Drakeshire Lanes! Thank you so much for your help. I didn’t expect to get a job so quickly!  I really enjoyed the time I spent at AABC Bartending School. The teachers were knowledgeable and passionate about their jobs and they have the best job placement director ever! The hands-on experience I got from class prepared me for the real world and I’m so excited to start my job as a bartender. Thanks again!



The instructors were great. They really spent a lot of time with me, and I appreciated that.

Mary T.


I heard about AABC from my cousin, who was enrolled in the course, was placed in a bartending position and now loves her job. I decided to take the one-week bartending course and had an incredible experience. The instructors were knowledgeable and kind, with plenty of advice based on real-world experience; all of the lessons were made easy to learn with a lot of hands-on practice, and I soon felt comfortable behind the bar. The job placement was also superb, and within one week of completing the course  they were able to get me interviews at various bars in my area. I now have a job in the bar that I wanted to work in, and I highly recommend ABC to anyone interested in bartending!



It’s a matter of comfort level. I bartended for the last year but I really didn’t know all the drinks. Now I feel much more comfortable and confident behind the bar, and now I am making more money.

Sheila P.


I signed up for AABC’s bartending classes just a couple days before they started and they were able to get me in and by the end of the week I had learned so much more than I could have ever imagined! I also had fun learning it. The teachers and environment were upbeat and welcoming. I called in for job placement and got a job the same day landed a job! I highly recommend taking their classes. You won’t regret it =)



I would like to share my positive experience attending the All American Bar and Casino Trainers classes.  They gave me the skills and knowledge I needed to attract employers and develop my skill set and  a new career path.  The job placement component of the program was wonderful.  I had my first bartending job within a week of receiving my certification.  The staff is friendly, supportive and very knowledgeable.   I would highly recommend the classes to anyone who is looking to become certified and/or start a new career path in bartending.

Sincerely, Greg


I would highly recommend AABC Bartending School for anyone looking for a mixology certification. Not only will you learn over 100 drink recipes, but you will learn how to properly mix, pour, and garnish these drinks as if you were already working at a bar. On top of the drink knowledge, you will learn how to behave as a bartender in order to make the most money for yourself and your establishment while leaving your customers satisfied. But that’s not even the best part. After graduating, I spent a good two weeks filling out applications and looking for a bartending job, but it is very hard to get a job without any experience working in a bar. I called the placement director, Mazal, and she had an interview for me the next day. I was hired immediately at the interview and instantly my long job search was over. I can’t say enough about this school.

Thanks Mazal,






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